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Nate Conklin, Lola Johnson and Jordan Johnson


Our Story

Jordan and Lola are married. So is Nate. But not to them. He's married to a

different gal. She is called Alexis. Nate met Jordan at Gander MTN in 1977 and they've been bruhs ever since.

Nate has 2 kids.

Jordan and Lola have 6. So I guess they win that one.

All 3 of them are lovers of the outdoors. All have taken bucks with a bow, boated big bass, and feel totally at home sleeping under the stars.

They named the Podcast Tackle and Tacos because Jordan once had an idea to start a tackle shop that would make one kind of Taco to sell everyday. It never happened because he's lazy. But it's a great name for a podcast.

So here we are.

Meet The Team

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